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2008-2013 Arts Commission Business plan

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Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission 2008-13 Business Plan

Click here to Download the Arts Commission's 2008-2013 Strategic Business Plan.

We have extensive reports and supporting documentation available. You may call us at 916-808-3992 to receive a hard copy of our Business Plan and other reports.

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Photo of child using glue

Photo of child using glue

Photo of child using gluePhoto of painting by Alex Escalante, a woman sits at a cafe table with the shadow of a man in the foregroundStages Dancer Branna Rummery in a white and red dress balancing in a half-toe arabesqueBlues in the Schools youth participant playing the string bassGilbert, 'Magu' Lujan, 'Homie Walking The Dogs', 2000

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Two large birds flying off of the airport parking garage structure and the head of a third bird. The birds are made out of plexi-glass and steel.

Sacramento airport installation by artist Dennis Oppenheim