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Friends of the Arts Commission is the non-profit arm of Sacramento’s local arts agency, committed to supporting the arts through arts education and outreach programs, fund development, and arts advocacy. We receive grants, workplace giving, bequests, gifts, and other donations. We hope you will support our efforts to advance and enliven the creative sector in Sacramento.


All funds raised this year will be used to support our education and outreach program, where we offer educational outreach to Sacramento’s K-12 students as well as others.

Will you support us today with a donation? It's easy to do online--make your donation today.


Friends of the Arts Commission has launched a line of merchandise featuring Sacramento's own red rabbit "Leap" by Lawrence Argent. The sculpture is featured on t-shirts, baseball caps, journals, coasters and more. To purchase them, go to today. Funds raised through the sale of the merchandise will help fund arts education programs in Sacramento County.

All Red Rabbit merchandise is $20.00 each, sales tax is included. Purchased merchandise can be picked up at the Arts Commission office (1030 15th Street., 2nd floor, Sacramento) or mailed to you for an additional $8 shipping & handling.

To purchase: Click here. If you have questions, please contact Yuliya Ostapenko at (916) 808-3995.

red rabbit t shirt red rabbit t shirt 
Red rabbit t-shirts come in two styles, one has an "S" with the red rabbit on the front, and another has "Leap" on the front with a small red rabbit on the back. T-shirts come in men's and women's styles in sizes S - XL.

red rabbit hats
Red Rabbit baseball hats. Black hats come with a choice of a red rabbit, or a gray rabbit.

red rabbit note cards
This set of 12 note cards features 3 designs inspired by Lawrence Argent's Leap. Envelopes included.

red rabbit journal
Get inspired by the iconic red rabbit featured on the front cover of this spiral bound journal (inside: blank white pages).