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California State Summer School for the Arts

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The California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) is a rigorous, pre-professional, month-long training program in the visual and performing arts, creative writing, animation and film for talented artists of high school age. CSSSA provides a supportive environment in which students hone acquired skills and explore new techniques and ideas for an intense and exciting learning experience. The school was created by the California Legislature, and held its first session in 1987. Its purpose is to provide a training ground for future artists who wish to pursue careers in the arts and entertainment industries in California. The California State Summer School for the Arts is a state agency funded through a unique public-private partnership.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission represents the program locally and encourages highly motivated high school students interested in these disciplines to apply for the next year. The Arts Commission also provides funding directly to CSSSA to provide full or partial tuition scholarships for Sacramento area students accepted to the program.

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