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Robert T. Matsui Art Gallery

City Hall Gallery
Located at Sacramento City Hall,  915 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. 
Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm


Fields of Grain: the art collection of the California Rice Commission

July 12 - November 14, 2017


Receptions are held at the gallery location and are free to the public. 

No receptions are planned for this exhibition.


This exhibition of the California Rice Commission’s art collection showcases paintings, drawings, fabric-collage and glass by the following Sacramento area artists: Gilbert Amavisca, Merle Axelrad, Joseph Bellacera, Melissa Chandon, Boyd Gavin, Phil Gross, Gregory Kondos, and Richard Satava. 

The first commercial rice fields were planted in Northern California more than 100 years ago. Family farmers in the Sacramento Valley now account for 97 percent of California’s rice production and virtually all of America’s sushi rice. Sacramento Valley’s Rice fields also provide vital environmental benefits, including habitat for nearly 230 wildlife species, providing food and a resting place for millions of ducks, geese and other birds of the Pacific Flyway.  

To capture the beauty and vitality of this industry, the California Rice Commission annually commissions original artwork from Sacramento area artists - from the first painting by Gregory Kondos, California Rice Fields, in 2006, to Bud Gordon’s depiction of a quintessential summer rice scene, Rice Dryer, Sutter County, in 2017 (below). 

Image: Bud Gordon, Rice Dryer, Sutter County, oil on canvas, 2017, 30'x40'

Image: Bud Gordon, Rice Dryer, Sutter County, oil on canvas, 2017, 30" x 40".