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Grant Programs



The Arts Commission re-grants public dollars. Agency programs are open to all eligible artists and arts groups that wish to apply for a grant. Please read each program's guidelines to verify eligibility. Each application is treated with the same transparent professionalism that exists in all of our processes. Arts Commission staff enforce equal access and inclusiveness as they facilitate the evaluation process through peer review panels. Funding decisions are not made by staff.

Applicants have to spend time writing their applications, answering questions, and providing information that may seem redundant and can be hard to put together. All of this keeps the Arts Commission highly accountable to the public.

At this time the Arts Commission only offers grant programs targeted at nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. Nonprofit applicants to Arts Commission grant programs are required to complete Cultural Data Project profile (CDP) on the DataArts website. Get started today.

Click here to find out which grant programs are currently accepting applications.  All applications must be submitted on our online system, WebGrants. Go to


The City of Sacramento has set aside one-time funding for grants of up to $20,000 for small budget arts and cultural nonprofit organizations with organizational budgets of $500,000 or less. The purpose of the Cultural Equity Grant Program is to bring arts and cultural opportunities to diverse audiences within the City of Sacramento and to individuals within the City with limited resources to engage with the arts. The Cultural Equity Grant will provide support to small budget arts and cultural organizations to: 1) produce an arts or cultural project, or; 2) strengthen their organizations’ capacity to offer high quality arts and cultural programs. All applicants must have a profile on the California Cultural Data Project that confirms at least one year of organizational history. The Arts Commission anticipates that the funding for the Cultural Equity program will be available for two to three years. 


The Cultural Arts Awards (CAA) program assists Sacramento City and County nonprofit arts and cultural organizations with partial funding in support of general operating expenses. The Arts Commission is not accepting new applications at this time, please check back for upcoming deadlines. The application for the 2018-20 cycle is slated to be available in the spring of 2017.

CAA grants are awarded through a competitive review process, ensuring that grantees meet high standards of artistic quality, show evidence of community involvement and outreach, and exhibit sound managerial and fiscal accountability. All applicants must have a profile on the California Cultural Data Project that confirms at least three years of organizational history. Applications for CAA are invited every three years. Grants typically range from $1,000 to $25,000.