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DataArts, formerly the Cultural Data Project, was founded to bring the language and leverage of data to the business of culture. The Cultural Data Profile (CDP) is DataArts’ flagship service, which thousands of cultural nonprofits use annually to report their financial and programmatic information. DataArts seeks to be a catalyst for data-informed decision-making.

The Cultural Data Profile is required for all organizational applicants to Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (Commission) grant programs.

The Commission requires all organizational grant applicants to fill out a profile through DataArts and attach a funder report to your grant application. This requirement does not apply to individual artists.

If you haven’t already set up your profile, please plan ahead and be sure to anticipate at least two weeks worth of time to familiarize yourself with the necessary information, gather your files and enter in the relevant data.

If you have any technical questions about DataArts, how to enter in your information or how to sort through your accounting records, there is a dedicated Help Desk for the project open from 9am – 8 pm EST at 1-877-707-DATA (877-707-3282) or .

There are also online training modules available on their website,

If you have questions about how this will effect your grant application, please feel free to or read the Frequently Asked Questions below.


1. What is the California Cultural Data Project?

From their website: "The CDP is a powerful, online management tool designed to strengthen arts and cultural organizations. This unique system allows users to track their own financial and programmatic performance over time and to benchmark themselves against comparable organizations in specific disciplines, geographic regions and budget sizes.

Benefits of participating

  • Instantly generate reports as part of your application to participating grantmakers;
  • Create annual reports with three clicks of your mouse;
  • View a variety of trend reports to analyze your organization’s operations over time and inform your strategic planning;
  • Compare key aspects of your operations, such as marketing, fundraising, or board giving, to an anonymized pool of peer organizations – benchmark by discipline, budget size, and other criteria.
  • Free access to the full-time, toll-free CDP Support Center, staffed by nonprofit arts professionals, and free access by phone to a team of financial consultants specializing in accounting for nonprofits.
  • Statewide on-location, web-based and online orientation sessions.

Data Profile

The Data Profile is the 11-section online form that participating arts and cultural organizations complete at the end of each fiscal year.  The types of data collected include basic organizational information, revenue, expense, marketing activity, balance sheet items, investments, loans and a wide range of non-financial information (including contributor and attendance numbers, facilities, pricing, capital and endowment campaigns, program activity and staffing).  Organizations of all sizes can complete the Data Profile, utilizing only the line items applicable to them.  This standardized form, used by thousands of organizations in all the participating states, will allow for accurate comparisons across regions.

The data collected by the CDP is based on categorizations used by auditors in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. In  contrast, the IRS Form 990 is used by the Internal Revenue Service as an indicator that nonprofit organizations are meeting the minimum requirements for tax exempt status.  As a result, the CDP captures more extensive financial and programmatic information that can better tell the story of each organization as part of a grant application, report to a board or research publication."

 2. Does the California Cultural Data Project replace the traditional Arts Commission grant application?

No. The California Cultural Data Project (CCDP) is designed to capture organizational budget information along with key non-financial data. It is not designed to hold specific information like your proposal narrative or work sample materials. But the CCDP will provide some of your organizational budget information and key statistics about your annual audience numbers.

3. So how does this affect my grant application?

After filling out your CCDP profile online, you will print out a funder report which you will attach to your application. This report will provide detailed budget and audience numbers for panelists to assess. The CCDP funder report is the part of the application that contains your organizational budget information.  

4. What organizational budget information will I be required to submit as part of my grant application?

SMAC requires applicants to submit the CCDP funder report with their application. The report will supplement the narrative questions in the grant application.  

5. What other funders are using the Cultural Data Project for their applications?

As of 2015, the California funders who will be asking applicants to utilize the California Cultural Data Project include:

Arts Council for Long Beach

Arts Council Silicon Valley

Berkeley Civic Arts Commission

Boeing Company*

California Arts Council

California Community Foundation

City of Culver City

 City of Los Angeles

 City of Glendale

 City of Pasadena

City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

City of Santa Clarita Arts & Events

 City of Santa Monica

 City of Ventura

 City of West Hollywood

Community Foundation of Sonoma County*

Fleishhacker Foundation

The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation

The Getty Foundation*

Walter and Elise Haas Fund

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Marin Community Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation*

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

San Diego Foundation

San Francisco Arts Commission

San Francisco Foundation

San Francisco Grants for the Arts

San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs

San Mateo County Arts Commission

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation**

The Kresge Foundation**

National Dance Project**



* indicates a funder that is not making use of the CDP in grantmaking procedures at this time. 
**indicates a national funder.

6. What if I am an individual artist?

The California Cultural Data Project is designed for nonprofit arts organizations and focuses on institutional information, including organizational budgets. As such, individual artists should not set up a profile on the CCDP. Arts Commission grants to individuals and public art commissions will not require any CCDP information.

7. What if we are the arts program of a larger service organization such as a social service organization or a TV station?

All organizations with a mission primarily focused on the arts should fill out a CCDP profile with your full organizational information. If you do not have a mission focused primarily on the arts, please check your eligibility with SMAC staff.

Service organizations applying for a Cultural Arts Award grant who do not have a primary mission focused on the arts should only include budget information for the arts program of the larger organization. If you have any particular questions about breaking out your program budget, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk of the Cultural Data Project. Please note that if your CCDP profile includes information for programs outside of Sacramento, SMAC will ask you to submit a supplemental budget sheet.

8. What if we are a fiscally sponsored organization?

You should still fill out a profile on the CCDP. There will be a field which will ask whether you have a 501(c)3 designation, and if not, to specify your status. Please be sure that you meet SMAC grant eligibility requirements before submitting an application. 

9. Who do I ask if I have a question regarding my profile? 

Please contact the CDP if you need help using any part of the website or have any questions about your data, financial terms, or analytics.

The Support Center is open from 9am-8pm ET, Monday-Friday.

  • Toll Free: 877-707-DATA (877-707-3282)
  • Email:


Walk through the Data Profile, learn about funder reports, and more with CDP's online learning modules. CDP offers regular in-person and webinar orientations for CDP users.  Check the website for locations and times.   Click here. The CDP is aware of and supports the Federal Communications Commission’s Telecommunication Relay Services, which provides resources that facilitates communication between individuals with hearing or speech disabilities. Click here for more information.

The Getty Foundation*
The Getty Foundation*
The Getty Foundation*