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Christian Moeller

"The Baggage Handlers"


 Moeller artwork concept    Moeller artwork concept


Christian Moeller’s work, The Baggage Handlers, depicts the faces of four airport operation workers. The artwork recognizes these workers as part of the largely invisible manual labor force at work within the machine-like reality of air cargo and travel. Despite the increasingly complex computerized nature of air travel, the operation workers serve as a reminder that some tasks are still thus far beyond mechanization. Rendered from photographs of the subjects, Moeller created their portraits for the bit-wall using wood. The artwork consists of two 75’ x 12’ panels, set flush against the stone wall in the airport ticket hall.


Moeller artwork in progress     Moeller artwork in progress   Moeller artwork in progress

Before beginning fabrication, the artist built a 12’ x 4’ foot model. The third picture depicts a small section of one of the portraits in the artwork; the artwork is like a giant puzzle – created with over 4,000 strips of individually cut wood – no two alike. The pieces were put together on site in a process that took over 20 days.

  Moeller artwork in progress    Moeller artwork in progress

The two images above show installers on lifts placing individual strips of wood onto Christian Moeller's artwork.


(One of two walls)

 Moeller artwork completed


Christian Moeller works with contemporary media technologies to produce innovative and intense physical events, realized from handheld objects to architectural scale installations. Spanning the past two decades, his body of work represents investigations of what can be revealed by the intersections of cinema, computation, music, and physical space. His installations span the globe—Tokyo, London, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, London, New York City, Seattle, and many more. Moeller is a Professor in the Department of Design and Media Arts at UCLA. He studied architecture at the College of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 1990 he founded his own studio and media laboratory in Frankfurt. He was a professor at the State College of Design in Karlsruhe, Germany until he moved to the United States in the year 2001.

The artist, Christian Moeller
The artist posed in front of the to-scale model.


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