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Living Lenses: Po Shu wang & Louise Bertelsen

"Your Words are Music to Their Ears"


Living Lenses artwork concept


Shaped like a French horn, the sculpture titled "Your Words are Music to Their Ears" by Living Lenses (Louise Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang) stands approximately 10 feet high and is made of stainless steel.  A small shelf jutting out of the sculpture holds a computer. Passengers will be allowed to use the computer to send messages. When a message is sent, the text is converted to music that emanates from the sculpture. Part free Wi-Fi terminal and part musical instrument, the artwork allows web-serving passengers to entertain close by passengers with an instant literary-based musical composition. The sculpture consists of a regular computer terminal that is set for internet-use only to avoid unwanted alteration. The keyboard has two separate USB ports, one works the computer, the other sends all typed letters through a micro processor that converts text into music. The artwork allows any passenger to be instant composers and musicians by simply using the terminal for their own purposes, or just enjoy the music by other passengers. The content of the artwork is a never-ending evolution of musical compositions that is never the same twice.


Living Lenses artwork in progress

Living Lenses' horn in the early stages of production.

Living Lenses artwork in progress

The photo above shows the artist on site while the horn, crated and wrapped, is craned into the building. 

Living Lenses artwork in progress

Living Lenses artwork in progress

The horn is installed and finishing touches are underway.


Living Lenses artwork completed


Artists Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen have collaborated together as Living Lenses since 1999. Their goal in Public Art is to invite the public to become co-creators of the artwork content. Most of their works, therefore, are tangible mechanisms that allow active participation and are capable of evolving with time. They have installed permanent public art pieces in many locations, including: The Calabasas Branch Library, San Jose CA; Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Charlotte, NC; EV Park, San Diego, CA; and the 7th Avenue Light rail Transit System, Calgary, Canada.


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