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Suzanne Adan

 "Flying Colors"


Flying Colors, Adan. Concept design.


Suzanne Adan’s 12’ x 18’ glass mosaic floor is titled, Flying Colors. The primary element in the composition is a circular pattern of birds and tules (or cattails) that can be viewed from any angle. These birds and tules, as well as tree limbs and other images, are juxtaposed with letters of the alphabet and various linear shapes to create a pictorial narrative. The colors, shapes, textures, and details are woven together to form a whimsical landscape designed to appeal to youthful imaginations and engage the viewer in a playful and humorous way before boarding his/her flight. The free-floating black and white tules and birds were selected because they are indigenous to the marsh areas along the Sacramento River and parts of the terrain surrounding the airport.


Flying Colors, Adan. Work in progress.

Flying Colors, Adan. Installation.

Suzanne Adan's design for a glass mosaic floor—installed in the transfer level of the airport—was fabricated by Franz Mayer of Munich, Germany. Adan selected the fabricators based on their expertise and excellence in crafting mosaic artworks. She worked for months with the fabricator before finalizing the design and selecting the glass mosaic colors and continued to work closely with the team from Germany through the installation of the artwork.


Flying Colors, Adan. Completed artwork.

Flying Colors, Adan. Completed artwork.


Suzanne Adan’s dedication to the use of technique and texture is apparent throughout the multiple mediums with which she works. Her public work strives to introduce the community to the creative process. Adan’s ceramic tile murals are found throughout Sacramento at Jacinto Creek Park; the East End Project Child Care Facility; and the Courtyard of the University of California, Davis Medical Center; as well as in Folsom at the Natoma Station. Her work appears in Public Collections at the Continental Bank in Houston, TX; Impact Communications in Bloomington, IL; and The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA; among others. Adan received both her BA and MA from California State University, Sacramento and has taught for the San Juan Unified School District and American River College. 


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