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Jeff Myers


Jeff Myers was born in Sacramento California. Due to dyslexia, Myers struggled greatly in the public education system and had to create his own path for learning. This entailed taking many college art courses and spending many hours with working artists such as Sacramento artist Wayne Thiebaud, who remains a close friend to this day. Following this unique educational path has resulted in a rich foundation for many original subtleties in Myers' work.  Myers staged two exhibitions of “The Undercurrent Project” in the cavernous Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center in Brooklyn, New York before eventually moving back to Northern California, where the vision of vast spaces and the people who worked the land contrasted greatly with the New York environment. Thus was born “The Land Series” in painting and “The Boyden Series” in digital photography. Both series deal with the great contrasts, and yet critical links, between the frenetic digitized urban consciousness and the quiet stillness of agricultural land. Antiquated farm machinery became a starting point. “The tractors and threshers seem to be the holders of secrets, much like a Zen koan.” Through the use of reverse perspective, Myers layers cities such as Tokyo or New York around and within the giant machines. This interaction creates a type of hybrid Ag/Urban metaphor.  Myers's paintings and photographs have been published and written about over seventy times nationally and locally. Myers continues to exhibit across the country and is developing a national following.