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Nationally recognized Northern California artist Julia Couzens’ work primarily consists of large- and small-scale drawings and hybrid objects that involve elements of both painting and sculpture. Using everyday materials such as wire, tape, rope, plastic baskets, yarn and thread, Couzens turns these materials into large-scale works suggesting webs, nests, textiles, and the root-like nature of things. She describes her method of working as "the occupation of hands and thoughts married to a single, repetitive, focused moment … an attempt to break the process down to the incremental, elemental level, to prevent seeing the whole picture and the preconceived notion of what the piece is, or is to become. The object is described by its own determination, discovering what it is, inch by inch, and how it reveals itself without my shaping, mediating, or second-guessing.” Couzens’ work is widely shown at selected public collections include the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts; Butler Institute of American Art; Crocker Art Museum; University Art Museum, Berkeley; Weatherspoon Art Gallery, North Carolina; and Yale University. Her work has been recognized with a visual artist fellowship from The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, New York and Art Matters, New York. She received an MFA from the University of California, Davis in 1990. She currently lives and works on Merritt Island in the Sacramento River delta community of Clarksburg, California