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Marc Foster

"La Feuille"


Marc Foster concept 


La Feuille by Marc Foster is located at the entrance to McKinley Village in the Alan and Helen Post Park. The sculpture is anchored by two leaf-shaped structures made of honed stainless steel standing approximately 18 and 15 feet tall, with corten steel branches extending above and beneath the ground in either direction. According to Foster, the artwork pays “homage to trees and, more specifically, leaves.” McKinley Village is shaped like a giant leaf and current plans call for the planting of more than 1,800 trees in the neighborhood.


La Feuile by Marc Foster 


Marc Foster

Marc was born and raised in Bryan, Texas and received his BFA at Colorado State University. After focusing his creative energy on photography for many years, he began tinkering with sculpture and functional furniture art, finding passion for the process and creation of such work. Marc’s artwork is part of many private collections in the western United States and can also be seen in public venues such as the MAARS building in midtown Sacramento. His other public commercial works include the Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Metro Kitchen + Drinkery, Beatnik Studios, and many others. After living in Mexico, Seattle and Lake Tahoe, Marc and his family now call the Sacramento area home. His studio is in the historic heart of East Sacramento, near McKinley Park and within blocks of McKinley Village.