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Arts Advocacy


Advocacy efforts on behalf of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission are conducted by the Commissioners of the Arts Commission. Please direct all comments and questions to the Chair of the Arts Commission.

Below please find some resources that are meant to help you in your advocacy efforts.


Create A State: License Plate Campaign

Art License CampaignCreate A State is an exciting campaign that allows people to buy a special arts license plate with the money going to the arts! The California Arts License Plate was created through special legislation in 1994. It is a joint project between the California Arts Council and the Department of Motor Vehicles and was the first specialty-plate program in the U.S. designed solely to benefit the arts. The plate image is titled Coastline and was created by renowned California artist Wayne Thiebaud in 1993. Since then the iconic image has become famous worldwide, and sales and renewals of the plate have provided millions of dollars to support arts programs in California.

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Americans for the Arts

By visiting the Americans for the Arts (AFTA) E-Advocacy Center on April 13, Arts Advocacy Day, you'll be able to send a message directly to your Representative and Senators telling them why the arts are important to you and your community. AFTA has provided bullet points covering their eleven key Arts Advocacy Day issues, which you can use in the sample letter that they've drafted for you. You are also encouraged to write your own unique story to illustrate the importance of the arts to your community. Using the E-Advocacy Center, you can create and send your letter to Congress in less than two minutes. AFTA urges you to send your message to Congress today to coincide with AFTA's office visits to the Hill. Send your message.

Make a difference on your website and in print:
Americans for the Arts has released web banners for you to download and include on your website. Download a banner to put on your website. Americans for the Arts continues the print ad campaign, Art. Ask for more. Download a print ad.

California Arts Advocates
California Arts Advocates (CAA), provides advocacy services for California’s arts community. CAA provides professional advocacy for all arts stakeholders in California, from the smallest troupe to the largest institution, from the solo artist to the largest organization, from the most diverse to the most mainstream, regardless of cultural segment or economic standing.

CAA provides the only full-time professional lobbyist in Sacramento who represents the interests of all arts stakeholders in California. The lobbyist monitors all state legislation and works to ensure that the interests of the arts are reflected in our laws, public policies, and budgets.

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Economic Impact on Local Arts> Find out how the economic downturn impacted the arts.


Sacramento City and County Elected Officials
Please contact our elected officials and tell them how important the City and County funding is to your organization. Scroll down for City officials.

County of Sacramento
Determine your County District

County Board of Supervisors
The mailing address for all County Board of Supervisors is:
700 H Street, Suite 2450
Sacramento, CA 95814

First District: Phil Serna
(916) 874-5485;

Second District: Jimmie Yee
(916) 874-5481;

Third District: Susan Peters
(916) 874-5471;

Fourth District: Roberta MacGlashan
(916) 874-5491;

Fifth District: Don Nottoli
(916) 874-5465;

City of Sacramento
Determine your City District

City Council
The mailing address for the Mayor and all City Council members is:
915 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Mayor: Kevin Johnson
(916) 808-5300;

District 1: Angelique Ashby, Vice Mayor
(916) 808-7001;

District 2: Allen Warren
(916) 808-7002;

District 3: Steve Cohn
(916) 808-7003;

District 4: Steve Hansen
(916) 808-7004;

District 5: Jay Schenirer
(916) 808-7005;

District 6: Kevin McCarty
(916) 808-7006;

District 7: Darrell Fong
(916) 808-7007;

District 8: Bonnie Pannell
(916) 808-7008;