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Arts Research


Arts and Culture in the Sacramento region: Compiled from research, studies, and documents from 1977 - present

The Arts Commission began compiling a summary of planning documents in the fall of 2009 to be utilized in Mayor Kevin Johnson’s For Art's Sake Initiative. Most of the studies included took place in the 1990s and 2000s, but documents dating back to 1977 were considered and/or included. Click on the link below to download a PDF file of the compilation document.

(PDF file, 222 kb)
(version as of 3/16/2010)

The studies below are available to download as PDF files. Click on the links to open the files.

Local Research
10th & K Performing Arts Facility Analysis, 2005 (PDF file, 4.28 MB)

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, 2011 (PDF file, 712 KB)

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Summary document, 2011 (PDF file, 35.8 KB)

Arts and Entertainment District Master Plan, 1990 (PDF file, 10.6 MB)

Arts Board Development Project Assessment Report, 2001 (PDF file, 4.43 MB)

Arts in All Schools Initiative, Call to Action, 2002 (PDF file, 1.74 MB)

California Creative Vitality Index 2006-07, 2010 (PDF file, 685 kb)

City of Sacramento 2030 General Plan- Section: Education, Recreation and Culture 2 (PDF file, 47 kb)

City of Sacramento 2030 General Plan- Section: Education, Recreation and Culture 4 (PDF file, 16 kb)

City of Sacramento 2030 General Plan- Section: Education, Recreation and Culture 5 (PDF file, 11 kb)

The Creative Industries in Sacramento, CA, 2008 (PDF file, 782 kb)

Economic Impact of the Arts in the Sacramento Region, 2001 (PDF file, 1.24 MB)

Financial Analysis of Eighteen Sacramento Arts & Cultural Organizations, 2001 (PDF file, 2.67 MB)

Geodemographic Analysis, 2000 (PDF file, 14.4 MB)

Planning for Civic Amenities in the Sacramento Region, 2009 (PDF file, 620 kb)

PFP Civic Amenities Experiences Tour, 2008 (PDF file, 1.05 MB)

Public Financing for Civic Amenities in the Sacramento Region, 2008 (PDF file, 1.05 MB)

Regional Performing Arts Center & Conference Facility Study, 1997 (PDF file, 14.9 MB)

Regional Arts Strategic Plan, 2002-03 (PDF file, 73 kb)

Sacramento Performing Arts Facility Study, 2008 (PDF file, 4.16 MB)

The Arts Commission’s Cultural Business Plan, 2002 (PDF file, 3.07 MB)

Arts Commission Strategic Business Plan, 2008-13 (PDF file, 3.54 MB)

Related National Research

An Unfinished Canvas, 2008 (PDF file, 1.00 MB)

The Arts and Civic Engagement: Involved in Arts, Involved in Life, 2006 (PDF file, 1.8 MB)

Arts and Culture Study, 2003: Fort Wayne, IN (PDF file, 94 kb)

Arts & Economic Prosperity III, 2009 (PDF file, 1.54 MB) This is a brochure encapsulating the Arts Economic Perspective research. Download the full report.

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, 2011 (PDF file, 4.06 MB)

The Arts Ripple Effect: A Research-Based Strategy to Build Shared Responsibility for the Arts, 2010 (PDF file, 3.9 MB)

Critical Issues Facing the Arts in California, 2006 (PDF file, 162 kb)

Cultural Impact Study, 2007: Houston, TX (PDF file, 985 kb)

How the United States Funds the Arts: Second Edition, 2007 (PDF file, 732 kb)

Perspectives on Cultural Tax Districts, 2008 (PDF file, 985 kb)

Pre-Cultural Planning Cultural Assessment, 2008: Des Moines, IA (PDF file, 171 kb)

Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, 2009 (PDF file, 485 kb)

The Qualities of Quality: Understanding Excellence in Arts Education, 2009 (PDF file, 504 kb)

Arts Education Research:

Teaching Artists and the Future of Education

California County Superintendents’ Educational Services Association Arts Initiative Research site.

Community Arts Network; current research in the community arts field

Arts Education Partnerships: Lessons Learned from One School District

Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts On Learning

Improving Arts Education Partnerships


Other Research:

Gifts of the Muse, a Rand study on the benefit of the arts. View online.

A study on State arts funding can be downloaded here.