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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


May 2019 - In addition to the adoption of Cultural Equity Statement below, the Race and Cultural Equity Task Force recommended that a Cultural Equity Audit (CEA) of the Arts Commission be conducted.

The link below is the PDF of the full report of observations and recommendations, as prepared by MJR Partners.

Cultural Equity Audit Full Report (click to download).


In January 2017,  the Race and Cultural Equity Task Force, established to ensure that the policies and procedures of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission are equitable and to create a new cultural equity statement, convened for the first time. Sixteen members of the public were appointed to serve on the Task Force. After six months, their work concluded with the adoption of the Arts Commission's new Cultural Equity Statement. Read the full statement here


Barbara Range
Binh Do
Bobby Roy
Cindy LaMarr
Daphne Burgess
Desireah LaMar 
Gary Simon
James Anderson
Julian Dixon
Marie Acosta
Michael Kennedy
Richard Falcon
Steven Valencia
Tamaira Sandifer
Yolanda Reyes
Yvonne Evans

Task Force Co-Chairs:

Maya Wallace, Commissioner, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission
Dr. L. Steven Winlock, Commissioner, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission



On April 23rd 2018, the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission presented its 2018 Cultural Equity Statement to members of the City Council. The statement, endorsed unanimously, “defines cultural equity as the inclusion and fair representation of multiple diverse populations in outreach and in allocation of funding, resources, and programs…”

Each member of the Sacramento City Council spoke in support for such policy and gave their own desire to see such standard spread throughout the community. “The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission commits to ensuring cultural equity in all its policies and practices.”

With the acceptance of the statement, the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission accompanies cities such as Los Angeles, leading the nation in recognizing the need for systematic inclusiveness and cultural equity.

Commissioner Maya Wallace spoke on the equity policy, “I'm really grateful to and proud of the work that the task force took on to create this statement, all of whom approached this effort with great care and commitment. I am encouraged by a community-based drive to increase transparency and access for the artists in Sacramento. And I'm hopeful that involving citizens in this process will help provide a critical catalyst as we move forward to quickly create processes and designate funding sources that provide access and opportunity for all of Sacramento's diverse communities.”


Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Staff: 

Anja Aulenbacher, Grants & Cultural Programs Coordinator